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borrow/renew materials

Cardholders must present their library cards in order to check out materials.  Julia Hull District Library Cardholders will be allowed to check out materials without their card, if they can provide validation of their current address.


Standard Loan Periods

  • Books, Periodicals, Audio Books, CDs, TV-DVD Series/2 Weeks

  • Videos on VHS, DVD or Blue Ray and CD-ROMS/1 Week


  • Reference Materials and Current Periodicals/Do Not Circulate


Vacation Loans

Patrons who notify the library prior to leaving for vacation may request an extended loan period for items with two (2) week circulation.  Items exclude NEW materials and any items with holds.  Items will be extended up to an additional two (2) weeks for a total of four (4) weeks.



Items may be renewed once so long as they have no current holds, and the requesting cardholder is in good standing.  XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS II, PSIII, PSIV, WII, NINTENDO DS are non-renewable.  Patrons may renew their items online by logging into the library catalog, PrairieCat, using their library barcode and PIN (the last 4 digits of their library card), or via phone at 1-888-542-7259.


Holds, Reserves and ILLS

Items will be held for patrons up to six (6) days after which time they will be released.


Picking Up Materials for Another Person

For a person to pick up materials on hold for another person, the person picking up the materials must be able to present the library card of the person for whom the hold has been placed, unless other arrangements between the patron and the library have been made.  The Library will presume issues of confidentiality are released if one cardholder allows someone else access to his/her card.  In addition, the cardholder will be accepting responsibility for all materials checked out on his/her card while in the possession of another person.


Overdue Materials

Materials held by a cardholder beyond the date they are due will be considered overdue and fines will be assessed according to a schedule of fines established by the Julia Hull District Library Board of Trustees, as follows:

  • All materials have one (1) day grace period.  Thus, if the item is returned on the first day that it is overdue, a fine will not be charged.  However, if it is returned on the second day or afterwards, a fine will be due for each day the item is late.

  • Excluding VHS, DVD, DVD-TV Series and Games, fines accumulate at a rate of $0.10/day.  Fines for VHS, DVD, DVD-TV Series and Games accumulate at a rate of $1.00/day.

  • Users with $5.00 or more in fines will be blocked from placing holds, checking out materials and library computer access until the fines have been paid down to below $5.00.


The Julia Hull District Library will make a good faith effort to notify cardholders when their items become overdue.  However, overdue notification is a courtesy.  The Library is not responsible if the notification is not received by the cardholder, or the Library is unable to reach the cardholder.  Material not returned after the third and final notice may be sent to a collection agency.

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